Funny rp names

First one was a male Tauren prot warrior named Bootystomp. Instead of stomping the ground with his hooves, I think that Bootystomp stunned his enemies by slamming his booty on the ground. Just put a funny image in my mind, I guess. Second one was a male human in a super skimpy transmog iirc he had on a loincloth.

His name was… Fabibro. I feel like that pwi edgerunner build is super dumb but it made me laugh like crazy, honestly. Bonus if they tie into a characters class and race.

Bonus example : Alsharptusk for a troll priest.

funny rp names

I got to level 26 before she was name flagged. They all just have a stick in their hind quarters. It gave me a really good chuckle!

funny rp names

Tauren players tend to have the best punny names. I made a mage called Portella. WoW Classic General Discussion.

Salvera-cenarion-circle 23 July 1. Tarrz-tichondrius 23 July 2. Emmaslays-thrall 23 July 3. Deadthing-drenden 23 July 4. I liked Gnomechomsky. Salvera-cenarion-circle 23 July 5. Deadthing-drenden 23 July 6. Toatsmcgoats Brainwreck Omegamegaman Imdoomed Desklamp. Salvera-cenarion-circle 23 July 7. Dealloc-dethecus Dealloc 23 July 8. For example: Tomshanks for a rogue. Susan-maiev 23 July 9.Please consider donating a small amount to help support independent journalism at Princeton and whitelist our site.

My name is Big fred. Name yet but we can help each other. Yo em u think u could come up wit a rap name for me i mean i got Lil Savage or Snoopy Mane but cant decide on which one to go wit dawg. True em…im a big fan but im only 12 yrs old…im depressed but i just wrote a song about fake love and my name is a huge part like i dont know some sad name but i just wanted to tell u that that you inspired me to make music and songs.

Yo, waz up? I be reading this and be laughing out loud. Hey em is that really you. Im one of your biggest fans. Atleast i think i am thnx for being there for me even when you dont know i exist.

Hello eminem what are some of them I want to become a rapper what are suggestions My name starts with a n and my last name starts with a m Kinda sounds like Eminem huh. Rudeboy Guiliani a good one. Ron Cazz was my main name. Can u please help me we have in my school a talent show i need to now how to write a rap im fast at singing it.

Yo idk if u the real Eminem cause why the fuck would he be on some random name generator website but anyways I wanna be a rapper got any names? The only reaason im on here is because im started a album with two of my friends. Much better, mate! You blokes could be one hell of a lot better of in life with these, even start a career with these names! Keep up the good rapper names, mate! Haha… Lil Penis for the rap game. Suggest some. Are examples of punctuation.

And auto correct for some people is amazing. Anyways and bpm huh? Gay is okay you straight mutha fucker you a bitchie ass son of a bitch you are a mutha fucking piece of shit your probably only like 12 bitch. All of you motherfuckers should shut the hell up.

I have better fucking names then this dumb ass shit.

GREAT PC: Create Epic and Cool Names for your characters (Great Roleplaying Player Character Tips)

These a very cool name you niqqas hate them coz there are not famouse yet think o rich homie quan yung thug ace hood more lyk ass hood and drake is a male duck think of tyga i could call my self lion, bever,shark octopus even mosquito you just have to sing cool songs and imagane your name is cool. I found mine. Do u dumbfucks not realize that this is a joke?

It has to mean something. There are a million potential names out there, but only one that works for you. Besides, who really has the determination and the skill? Women, money, no respect, not caring, being bog as shit, and you need to overcome mainstream tendencies, temptations and be better than the rest.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account?

funny rp names

Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Every now and then we need a thread to lighten the mood of the MoP angst, and here is one to get the ball rolling.

What is a funny, witty, or clever hunter name that you've seen? Reply With Quote. Sunderella Cleaveage edit: ooohhh you said hunter. I've seen others like: Bowjob Huntsman Arrowtoknee Afkshootbrb.

Bowbies fuck yeah i'm Originally Posted by Sleinne.

funny rp names

Use to have a hunter called NopeNotABot with pet NeitherIsHe back when all bots were hunters with pets called cat or boar default name Also had a frost Mage called IceeWeiner futurama tribute Also had belf pala called headgiver usually with the of the horde title, so "Headgiver of the horde".

Mrpet probaly some joke on comic. AutoShotSux - Auto Shot was probably one of the most Huntard things in the game that made me accidentally pull on many occassions early in my Hunter career. Your name: Mike Pet name: Hunt It's old but that's all i could think of. Maybe bowjob or something as Well. Offtopic: priest name: wesleysmites Worgen name: worgnfreeman if not too many chars. Originally Posted by Mythicalfury.Turns out, everythingwhen it comes to the internet.

And the first thing you read about a person online: their name or chosen handle. No, today, we want to have a little bit of fun. Because at the end of the day, your name does kinda matter, but your chat group name is just for fun.

And with that, we present 93 Funny Group Chat Names. And how. But who could blame us? We have this amazing technology to connect us on a global scale. Number one rule? Have fun! With friends, you can really cut loose and be yourself. Whether these are the friends you commiserate with or this is the group that sends you innumerable good vibes and juju, give the group a fun name. Are you a connoisseur of some sort?

And did you get that word, connoisseur, correct in your 6th grade spelling bee? Just checking. Chat with people with your similar passions and stay entertained and engaged with friendly banter. Welcome home. Sometimes, we just want to meet some new people. All of the names on this post are ideas and several actually most of these are actual group names.

Remember, the most important thing when looking for a group to join or creating a group chat name is have fun. Use the sense of humor God gave you.

And if you possess none, use that, too. And that makes 93 Funny Group Chat Names. As always, please feel free to share your funniest and most interesting group chat names in the comments below. About Us. Privacy Policy. CopyrightAll Rights Reserved.One of the perks of creating fantasy stories -- whether by writing a story or game or by role-playing -- is you get to make up the names. Some people relish the task while others are frustrated by it.

Some like it but can't seem to create names that are diverse enough. Fantasy Name Generator is a tool that can help you. It can generate an endless number of random names of people, places, or anything that would be suitable for use in a fantasy setting. It can generate names on its own, or you can tell it what kind of name you're looking for. Feel free to use this tool and any name that comes out of it assuming it doesn't accidentally generate a legally protected trademark or something.

In addition, this tool can be fairly amusing to use even if you don't have any name creating to do. Once in a while, the names it can generate are downright comical.

You can use the fantasy name generator below. Here's instructions for using the generator. You can also read about the history of the name generator, which discusses name generators in general and how I came to write this one. Select what kind of name you'd like to generate, then hit the Generate Names button.

That's it! This name generation form is almost limitless in its flexibility, but you'll have to read the instructions to learn how to use it, as it's somewhat involved. Or, if you just need a reminder, check out the quick reference guide. Fantasy Name Generator is a RinkWorks production. We invite you to visit our other features. We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send mail with your comments or suggestions.

If you have questions on how to use this site, please first consult the instructions. Contributions to the specialized names section were made by: Pedro Aguiar, Joelle D. By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1. Simple Interface Select what kind of name you'd like to generate, then hit the Generate Names button. Fantasy S, A, etc.

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Fantasy H, L, etc. Fantasy N, L, etc. Fantasy K, N, etc. Fantasy J, G, Z, etc. Fantasy K, J, Y, etc. Fantasy S, E, etc. Talk Back We'd love to hear from you!

Name Generation Template:. Collapse Triples:.Funny names are neither easy, nor hard to come by. But, 'What's in a name? Truth is, not everyone in life is gifted with the right name. Some names are tragic, reminiscent of some old discord and some are can even get you in trouble. Some people with unfortunate, too hilarious to the point of embarrassing choose to change their names and go through all the legal fuss to do so.

They're the most determined. Some of them, though, never change their names and they just go with the flow. These people are gold. They're not afraid of the "public shaming", they do not care, they have a name and that is enough for them. These people are untouchable and, lucky for us, these 60 people below are part of that category and decided to keep their names. Here are the funniest names ever. So, what is a funny name, anyway? Funny, by definition, means causing laughter or amusement.

It's what keeps us happy, sane and humans at times. Humour is an art in itself, but having a funny name usually just happens. A funny name is usually a name that is either sounds similar to a funny word, like Ben Dover, which sounds like the phrase " Bend Over " right? Another hilarious name example could be someone who is called Robert Fagot, now that's an unfortunate name don't you think?

By the Grace of God, how could two different words describing the same thing end up in the same name? Is this even possible? We are curious what he was thinking when he first found out his name is so "famous" in our world.

You, dirty mind! Funny thing is, if you search "wang" on Google you'll get that it's a pretty common Chinese name and a quite infamous English word. And that "Liqin Is just the capital of the state of Delaware, OK? Ben and then Dover! Yeah, you just can't get it out of your head, can you?

Stef looks like a professional, but his name won't let him be. He'll just be Stef Craps for ever. You didn't get it? Well, try reading it again and again and forget about the spelling, just listen to the utterance.

The man might be a billionaire, but his name is a thousand times better. I'm sure this guy presents himself like this: "My first name is Jack. My last name is Goff. Nice to meet you! This is a true pornstar name.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Voters You may not vote on this poll. Fun Names. Thread: Fun names, RP names, or Trolly names?

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Dirty Names

Fun names, RP names, or Trolly names? Which one do you prefer? Reply With Quote. RP make a poll, polls are awesome. Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff. Originally Posted by Immitis. I like some fun names. I don't consider 'trying too hard to be funny' names as fun names though.

I use mostly RP names. Even though I don't RP, I like to make up a small backstory and personality for all my characters. Having my guy named "ownedunoob" kinda ruins it. However, my Warlock and soon to be monk are references to A Song of Ice and Fire, so I guess they could be considered "fun names".

RP all the way. Troll names are usually super overdone cliches and usually not funny, so they are not really appealing to me on any level. Best one so far? Erroneous posts, a troll shaman. This isn't one" Darsithis Super Moderator Proof that the mmochamp community can be a bitter and lonely place. What a shame. Fun names are alright. I got a warlock goblin named Grindots and a shaman named Shamadams. The first is a play on Gringotts, the second is named after a beer.

But I prefer RP names, names that you might find in a fantasy novel. Orissa for example, has become the name of a character in a book I'm working on and is completely independent of my Warcraft character Troll names however piss me off. Don't name your toon "Geeksecks.

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