Elementary teacher portfolio examples

Of the many projects students are assigned by their teachers, one of the most extensive is a portfolio. A portfolio can be created for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes, they're to demonstrate your experience in one area, and other times, they're to highlight your work for an entire semester or year of school. A portfolio is not only a great way to showcase everything from your projects and assignments to homework and tests, but it's also something physical you can have to look back on when you're older.

Students in different grades will have different requirements for their portfolio assignment, but in general, portfolios tend to follow more or less the same guidelines. If you're required to make a portfolio for a school project, then it's likely that your teacher will give you some guidelines. They may tell you what needs to be included in your portfolio, as well as the deadline for your portfolio. A portfolio project is never something that should be left for the last minute.

Both students and teachers have a responsibility to outline what's required so that students can be sure to save their projects and assignments throughout the year. If they end up in the garbage, then students will have a hard time completing their portfolio. Teachers can facilitate this by telling their students to go out and buy a binder or folder at the beginning of the year and require students to always put their work inside as they get it back from their teacher.

They can organize the work later. If you're wondering how to make a portfolio for a school project, your best bet is to get a binder with plastic sleeves inside.

This way, you can add as much as you want, re-order papers and make sure your papers won't get ruined because they'll be protected by the sleeves. The rest will come later. The reason that portfolios are such an important part of the student's course requirements is because they're used as an assessment tool for both teachers, students and their peers. By looking at the portfolio, teachers are able to get an overall look at how the student performed and grew over the semester or year.

They can determine whether or not the student has met the specific standards set by the curriculum. As for the student, they're able to do some self-reflection to understand more about their capabilities and achievements over the time they were in the class.

They should evaluate their own work and discover assignments and projects they feel that they've done well on, as well as assignments or projects they felt that they could have improved on. Teachers can also give their students a space to do some peer review where they can give and receive some positive input about their work.

Lastly, as students get how to get real file path from android uri, they might be wondering how to make a high school portfolio for college.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Joanne Golocino.

Golocino is hereby accepted in partial fulfillment of the course requirements in PrEd Student Teaching. Statement of Purpose 1 II. My Prayer 3 III. Professional Readings 34 Professional Reading No.

Career Development Plan XI.

Preschool Portfolio Preview

This portfolio serves as a record of my various understandings such as dealing with different problems I encountered during the field practice. It also shows my strengths as a teacher and acknowledging my weaknesses for self-improvement. As a future educator of Mathematics, I will teach my students the basic competencies required and develop their abilities to solve mathematical problems.

Kyra Dulmage • Elementary Educator

Not only Math-related but also real life situations. I worked hard to nurture my students as they move to another year, they will be well-equipped with the basic skills needed to think critically. In my teaching philosophy and style, I described the way I teach my classes and the reasons behind the plan and styles.

I also included significant evidences of my teaching such as daily lesson plans and instructional materials. Some of these evidences can be found at the professional development activities I have attended, as well as how it affected my teaching.

I also made reflections from the classes I have taught including class activities, assessments, and feedback from faculty and students. Through this, I can express my relationship with my students, coordinating teachers, supervisor, and other personnel in the school. In this compilation, I have included my reflections from my readings and research.

Through these, my own perspective and goals towards becoming a globally-competitive teacher will be defined. Furthermore, the different entries in this portfolio are evidences of how far I can give to fulfill my duties especially during my field practice.

Now is the time, to strive not only to share my knowledge with them but also to instill the passion for learning. O Lord, I humbly ask for your divine guidance as I impart my knowledge and guide my students to the right path in life. Help me guide my students to develop their potentials and bring something unique and special to the world.

Help me assist the learners in discovering who they are, so they can express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas.

Help me give my students the right tools in cultivating their own garden of knowledge. Enlighten my mind and heart, O Lord, so that I will be a fine teacher who keeps peace and ease in the classroom. Help me to be kind and gentle to each and every one of my students. Help me to be merciful to my students, to balance mercy and discipline at the right measure, to give genuine praise and feedback at all times.

Help me become open-minded towards my students Lord so that I will recognize their varied needs and abilities. Guide me to create an effective teaching learning process so that I can address their diverse intelligences.

Help me to be conscientious enough to keep my lessons always interesting and recognize what motivates them. And help me to greet a smile with the new, cherish the old, and laugh with the children.

Ever-loving God, may my students learn to tie their knowledge into the global community, and help them become caring and active members of the society. May they always become motivated and learn to always take the power of initiative in doing things.If you're looking for a great way to assess students while keeping them aware of the work they produce, having them compile portfolios is the way to go.

A student portfolio is a collection of a student's work, both in and out of the classroom, and it enables you to monitor students' progress and achievement over time. First, you need to decide what the purpose of the portfolio is. Is it going to be used to show student growth or identify specific skills? Are you looking for a concrete way to quickly show parents student achievement, or are you looking for a way to evaluate your own teaching methods?

👩‍🏫 17 Winning Teaching Portfolio Examples That will Definitely Inspire You 🙌

Once you have figured out how the student will use the portfolio, you can start helping them build it. Next, you will need to establish how you are going to grade the portfolio. If your school district doesn't require portfolios, would the student receive extra credit for it, or can you otherwise incorporate it into your lesson plan?

Are all your students going to create portfolios, or just those seeking extra credit, or who want to track their work? Determine what criteria you'll use to grade the portfoliotoo, such as neatness, creativity, completeness, etc. If you want the student to use the portfolio as a long-term project and include various pieces throughout the year, be sure to assign it early enough in the semester.

Digital portfolios are great because they are easily accessible, easy to transport and easy to use. Today's students are tuned into the latest must-have technology, and electronic portfolios or personal websites are part of that.

With students using an abundance of multimedia outlets, digital portfolios seem like a great fit for their natural talents and inclinations. However, you may opt for a paper portfolio because of the potential challenges and distractions of the digital medium. When you pick a portfolio medium, be intentional about your choice. How much you involve the students in the portfolio depends upon the students' age.

To coach the students about what they want to include in their portfolios, ask them questions such as, "Why did you choose this particular piece? Share Flipboard Email. Janelle Cox.A teaching portfolio is a valuable tool for any teacher to showcase their accomplishments.

Paul Gordon Brown is an independent speaker and consultant, and has headlined conferences from Canada to Dubai on how education and technology intersect on various platforms. He is the Director of Curriculum, Training and Research at Roompact, a company that provides educational software solutions for residential facilities in higher education. What I like. I like the way Dr. Brown approaches teaching as a privilege. He considers his role of consulting college instructors as a way to give back to the profession and reach many more students than he can personally train.

He focuses on student learning and development to reach the whole person, and applies that philosophy to his teaching methods — in his own words, he constantly learns as he teaches. Gretchen C. Seibel is a third- and fourth-grade teacher who genuinely enjoys elementary school teaching. She focuses on language skills and is proficient in teaching Italian.

She is also a post-graduate in English for Speakers of Other Languages. I like the home page with the photo of Gretchen in her classroom. The introduction is written in third person, which gives the impression of an endorsement.

What to Include in a Teacher Portfolio

Marc C. Santos believes that people learn through experience and reflection. He designs environments for students to have meaningful learning experiences, and has named this method postpedagogy.

In this portfolio, the teacher showcases his ideas by posting a photograph that makes you think. He provides examples that show how interesting his methods are for students, because he wants learning to originate from the student, not the teacher. This portfolio is not in a format you might expect. He expresses his concern about the negative impact fake news, data collection, and targeted advertising may have on society, and conducts a critical examination of these issues.Although my original plan was to teach early primary, a Fourth Grade student teaching position in the Chicago Public School System changed my mind by allowing me to experience older students' curiosity and desire to learn.

Since then, I've gain experience teaching both Third and Fourth Grades. Learn More. Development of reading and writing skills is critical for every student. A Master's-level concentration in English to Speakers of Other Languages ESOLalong with my own experience learning another language, have armed me with proven teaching techniques, professional resources and knowledge of the special requirements needed to teach in a diverse classroom environment. Develop and implement units and lessons based on standards, materials available, student interest, and cross-curricular subjects.

Apply varied assessment methods to measure the knowledge gained by students and to improve student learning. Hands-on activities can increase student engagement and comprehension, as in this fun-with-physics "Don't Break Your Egg" vehicle restraint science project.

Working in both public and private, and in urban and rural schools, I have gained experience in diverse classroom settings. Having students take turns reading aloud is one way to learn, share and celebrate diversity in the classroom. As a teacher I aim to encourage life-long learning in all my students. Exposing students to opportunities beyond the classroom is one way to foster a love of learning.

Example: Having lived in Italy for a year, I introduced my 3rd grade students to the language and culture of another country with our Italian Word of the Day, and by taking them on a visual journey by sharing this video project created as part of my PACE Master's Program curriculum. Read Example Newsletter. Skills Summary. Teaching Philosophy. Differentiation and Diversity. Life-long Learning. Collaboration and Communication. Classroom Management. Lesson Portfolio. Teaching Experience.

Teacher 4th Grade. Implement Grade 4 Common Core and state curricula in planning, teaching, assessment, and standards-based grading Facilitate social and emotional learning through daily classroom meetings to promote student problem solving of self-identified issues, such as feeling disrespected, listening and attention distractions, working cooperatively and misusing class work time Implement scaffolding strategies to encourage independent learning.

Example: Assigned a science and writing-based animal adaptations research project Leadership position in the archdiocesan-wide GRACE program to promote staff professional development and professional learning communities with colleagues, Teacher 3th Grade.

Structured classroom routines and management strategies to student needs to foster individual student and classroom successes Taught reading strategies through in-depth author and novel studies to develop literacy skills Communicated with families face-to-face, through newsletters and e-mails to build rapport and celebrate student achievement Instructed students in Physical Education exercises, team-building activities and team sports to maintain good body health.

English Teaching Assistant 9thth Grade.There are many ways to do that and various tools that can be used to build a great digital portfolio for students. A student portfolio is a collection of academic assignments, projects, revisions and work samples that stretch over a designated period of time, belonging to one student. It may also contain student self-assessments and reflections on own work.

There are 4 different reasons why you might be required to make a student portfolio: 1 the teacher needs it to evaluate your learning progress by comparing early work to later work; 2 the teacher may use it to review your work in order to determine whether you have met the established learning standards set for your grade-level or for graduation; 3 to help you reflect on your academic goals and progress; 4 to create an archive that compiles your most important school projects and academic work.

A teacher might require students to make portfolios for any or for all of the reasons above. There are many arguments for making a portfolio because it can help a student greatly. Even though making a portfolio might seem tedious, the process is very rewarding.

It will help you pick up some important skills and you will feel proud when you will look back on all your hard work.

elementary teacher portfolio examples

There are many ways your can make a digital portfolio and each format is structured differently. Some of the most used formats for student portfolios are blogs, online journals, digital archives, websites and notebooks. We advise you to think about all the benefits and limitations for each portfolio type and choose the one that works best for you and for your needs.

Usually the teacher will tell you what should be included in the portfolio, how it should be organized and how it will be evaluated.

Pay attention to these requirements and specifications because you need to meet these standarts to get a good grade. Here are some of the criteria that will surely be taken into consideration during the evaluation:.

Portfoliogen is another online tool developed specifically for student portfolio websites. Another popular option is Bulbappwhich can be used to curate and create, share and showcase materials for school projects. Google Drive — If you need an online platform that can be used to keep your work private, organized into foldersyou might consider using Google Drive and all the other Google apps made for collaboration. Another similar option but less popular would be Dropbox or Evernote.

Google Sites — Many teachers use Google Sites to create a class-oriented site where students can collaborate and share files. For a blog style portfolio, try BloggerWordPress or some other blogging platform. If you want your student portfolio to look truly striking, try Flipsnack! Take a look at this single-topic college portfolio in PDF format, made by 2 students. The portfolio compiles 3 studies on stereotype threats.

This student portfolio is made up by different projects made by Madelaine, a university undergraduate who specializes in landscape architecture. The following portfolio is presented as a Google Site.

You can switch between projects by checking the menu on the left. This student is building a high school portfolio that features all the most notable projects for each class, year by year. We like this one created by Elizabeth Yuan. And here are 2 more student portfolio samples. The first one is made in Bulbappwhile the second one was created with Flipsnack.

The navigation is very intuitive, making it easy for anyone to find a particular chapter or project from within the portfolio.Jule Romans is a former college instructor with an M.

She has taught classes in teacher education and mentored new teachers. The cover of your portfolio is the first thing readers will see. It should attract attention, but not be too busy or overwhelming. A little creativity goes a long way. The cover is the place where an important balance must be found. Although your portfolio is to give readers a sense of how you will interact with students, it is not created for students.

It is created for adults. Keeping this in mind is very important. It is not only created adults, but for very busy adults who may or may not have a great deal of time to examine your work. The cover should not overwhelm them with too much detail.

It should not distract them with too many decorations. It should reflect how you intend to present yourself to other professionals, not to children. Your teaching portfolio should attract attention, but not be too busy or overwhelming. The cover should be high quality, professional, clean, and appropriately inviting to the reader. The table of contents should help your reader find desired information about you in your portfolio.

Your resume should be detailed, thorough, well organized, and in a commonly accepted format.

elementary teacher portfolio examples

The teaching philosophy should be yours alone, and reflect an understanding of current or classic educational theories. Letters of recommendation may be from supervising teachers, professors, or anyone who has had an opportunity to evaluate your potential as a teacher. These items combined with transcripts of your grades provide a quick picture of your qualities and would make a good introduction to your portfolio. The table of contents is key to helping your readers locate the information they need.

elementary teacher portfolio examples

It should be very reader-friendly, keeping in mind that the readers do not know much about you and probably need guidance in how to read your work.

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