Dosage calculation conversions

Select a Dose. ZUBSOLV is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to buprenorphine or naloxone, as serious adverse reactions, including anaphylactic shock, have been reported. Addiction, Abuse, and Misuse: Buprenorphine can be abused in a similar manner to other opioids. Monitor patients for conditions indicative of diversion or progression of opioid dependence and addictive behaviors. Multiple refills should not be prescribed early in treatment or without appropriate patient follow-up visits.

Respiratory Depression: Life-threatening respiratory depression and death have occurred in association with buprenorphine use.

dosage calculation conversions

Buprenorphine can cause severe, possibly fatal respiratory depression in children. Adrenal Insufficiency: If diagnosed, treat with physiologic replacement of corticosteroids, and wean patients off of the opioid.

Risk of Opioid Withdrawal with Abrupt Discontinuation: If treatment is temporarily interrupted or discontinued, monitor patients for withdrawal and treat appropriately. Risk of Hepatitis; Hepatic Events: Monitor liver function tests prior to initiation and during treatment and evaluate suspected hepatic events.

Precipitation of Opioid Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms: An opioid withdrawal syndrome is likely to occur with parenteral misuse of ZUBSOLV by individuals physically dependent on full opioid agonists or by sublingual administration before the agonist effects of other opioids have subsided. Geriatric Patients: Monitor for sedation and respiratory depression. Adverse events commonly observed with the sublingual administration of ZUBSOLV are headache, nausea, vomiting, hyperhidrosis, constipation, signs and symptoms of withdrawal, insomnia, pain, and peripheral edema.

Antiretrovirals: Patients who are on chronic buprenorphine treatment should have their dose monitored if NNRTIs are added to their treatment regimen. Monitor patients taking buprenorphine and atazanavir with and without ritonavir, and reduce dose of buprenorphine if warranted.

Serotonergic Drugs: Concomitant use may result in serotonin syndrome. Please see full Prescribing Information for a complete list.

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You are encouraged to report adverse events of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit www. Please see accompanying full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide.Understanding the concept of extrapolation of dose between species is important for pharmaceutical researchers when initiating new animal or human experiments.

Interspecies allometric scaling for dose conversion from animal to human studies is one of the most controversial areas in clinical pharmacology. Allometric approach considers the differences in body surface area, which is associated with animal weight while extrapolating the doses of therapeutic agents among the species. This review provides basic information about translation of doses between species and estimation of starting dose for clinical trials using allometric scaling.

The method of calculation of injection volume for parenteral formulation based on human equivalent dose is also briefed. Safe and effective drug dosing is necessary, regardless of its purpose of administration. There are several instances, wherein the initial dose of a particular drug is unavailable in a specific species. Therefore, choosing starting dose of such drugs for research, experiments, or clinical trials in animals and humans is a concern.

This is primarily because the biochemical, functional systems in species vary which in turn alter pharmacokinetics. Therefore, extrapolation of dose from animals to humans needs consideration of body surface area, pharmacokinetics, and physiological time to increase clinical trial safety. There are four different methods namely dose by factor, similar drug, pharmacokinetically guided, and comparative approaches are described in literature to assess the initial dose. In similar drug approach, the existing pharmacokinetics data for another drug of the same pharmacological category may be used.

Allometric scaling is an empirical approach where the exchange of drug dose is based on normalization of dose to body surface area. Drugs with lesser hepatic metabolism, low volume of distribution, and excreted by renal route are ideal candidates for scaling of dose by this approach.

dosage calculation conversions

Typically, MRSD is calculated from preclinical toxicology studies and applying a factor. NOAEL, the highest dose level that does not cause significant adverse effects, is a typical index for safety obtained from proper animal experiments to determine a safe starting dose. The next step is selection of most appropriate species to use in calculation of MRSD. In general, animal species with the lowest HED is considered most sensitive species for determining human risk and is usually selected.

On the other hand, a specific animal that is more sensitive toward adverse effect can also be a suitable species. In step 4, the HED is divided by a factor value of 10, to increase safety of first human dose. This safety factor is accountable for differences in physiological and biological processes between human and animal species.

In the final step, the value obtained is converted to pharmacologically active dose in humans. The dose by factor method applies an exponent for body surface area 0. Thus, HED is determined by the equation:. To calculate the starting dose for human studies, use Equation 1.In the actual NCLEXthese type of dosage calculations are usually formatted as a fill-in the blank question type.

Get your calculators and thinking hats ready! Right Drug. Beware of look-alike and sound-alike medication names. Misreading medication names that look similar is a common mistake. These look-alike medication names may also sound alike and can lead to errors associated with verbal prescriptions.

You are given 1 minute per question, a total of 20 minutes for this exam. All questions are given in a single page and correct answers, rationales or explanations if any are immediately shown after you have selected an answer. No time limit for this exam.

You can also copy this exam and make a print out. How many supp will you administer?

dosage calculation conversions

How many tab will you administer per day? How many tab will you administer? How many cap will you administer for each dose to a 31 lb child? Each 2. How many tsp of Cleocin will you administer? Each tbsp will yield 1. How many mL will you give?

What will you record as the total intake in mL for this patient? How many mL will you administer for each dose to a lb patient? How many mL will you administer? How many mL will you administer a day to a 59 Kg patient?

Shake to dissolve. Provides an approximate volume of 1.Convert between gram gkilogram kgmicrogram mcgmilligram mgounce oz and pound lb.

Nursing Math Toggle navigation. Oral Dosage Calculators. Solid Dosage Calculate the number of tablets, pills or capsules to administer. Liquid Dosage Calculate the volume dosage of syringe solutions, fluids and liquids.

Parenteral Dosage Calculators. Injectable Dosage Calculate the injectable volume dosage for syringe solutions, fluids and liquids. Non-Injectable Dosage Calculate the volume dosage of enteral, oral feeding, irrigants and tropical solutions. Intravenous Dosage Calculators. Electronic Flow Setting Calculate the flow or pump rate setting for regulators and controllers.

Electronic Infusion Time Calculate the duration of infusion. Electronic Flow Volume Calculate the volume of liquid, solution or fluid. Manual Control Setting Calculate the drops per minute, drip rate or watch count for gravity tubing. Unit Conversion Calculators. Mass Convert between gram gkilogram kgmicrogram mcgmilligram mgounce oz and pound lb.

Length Convert between millimeter mmcentimeter cmmeter minch in and foot ft.

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Body Surface Area Calculator. Body Surface Area Calculate human body surface area. Infant Growth Charts. Science Physics Math Calculators. Child Height Predictor. Sale Discount Calculator. Mortgage Prepayment Calculator. Paycheck Overtime Calculator.

dosage calculation conversions

Weight Loss Calculator. Dog Age Calculator.By Richard Snyder, Barry Schoenborn. Grasping some medical math basics — such as how to break down medical dosage problems into steps and use conversion factors — can simplify everyday situations all healthcare professionals face. Fortunately, calculating any one of these three variables is easy to do when you know the other two variables. Use the following equations:. For example, if you must administer 1 L 1, mL of fluid over 4 hours, use the first formula to calculate the flow rate, like so:.

As a healthcare professional, you have to convert patient weights, fluid volumes, medication weights, and more. Here are the most useful ones:. Some abbreviations in prescriptions are unacceptable because they cause ambiguity and confusion the enemies of patient safety and quality healthcare!

Cheat Sheet. Common Conversion Factors in Medical Dosage Calculations As a healthcare professional, you have to convert patient weights, fluid volumes, medication weights, and more. Write discontinue or discharge. Write at bedtime or a designated time. Write magnesium sulfate or morphine sulfate. Write units. Write Subq, subcut, subcutaneous, or 5 every.

Write twice a week or three times a week. Write milliliter or mL. Could it be mistaken for mg? Write microgram or mcg. Write once daily or right eye. About the Book Author Dr. Richard W. SnyderDO is an osteopathic physician, board certified in both internal medicine and nephrology. He has authored and coauthored several articles in peer-reviewed journals.The dosage calculator finds what dose of a medication is appropriate for your weight.

Read on to learn what the drug dosage calculation formula is and how to use it. With our text, you will also learn more about the various different kinds of dosing which you may encounter when using different medications.

You will also find out what the advantages are of adjusting the dose to the patient. Are you looking for a healthy dose of antipyretic medication for kids? Make sure to take a look at our ibuprofen dosage calculator and the paracetamol dosage calculator! Depending on the route of administration, dosage forms come in several different types. The most popular route of administration is oral, however, in some medical situations this route is unavailable, ineffective or associated with a high number of adverse reactions.

That is why patients may receive drugs through parenteral means this includes: subcutaneous, intramuscular, intraosseous, intravenous, etc. Moreover, some drugs are only given topically - they're applied directly onto the skin or eye, into the rectum or vagina, or as an inhalation. You should know that the route of administration of a drug dramatically influences its dosage and efficacy.

You should thus always check if you are administering the appropriate drug to the appropriate person through the appropriate route in the appropriate dose! When treating a patient, or just taking a medication by yourself, we always need to wonder what is the exact dose of the drug we choose. And the truth is that we dose or should dose nearly everything in our life, from cooking dinner to taking medications! One dosage Drugs with one fix dosage are the easiest in use; you just take it and forget about it e.

You don't need to use any dosage calculation formulas! Different, fixed dosages The dosage of these drugs is usually set by the doctor according to the patient's needs or age e. In this case you also don't have to worry about medical dosage calculations! Blood concentration-dependent dosages This is a relatively small group of drugs. The doses are different depending on the concentration of the drug's active compound in the serum. Vitamin K antagonists, lithium. The dosage of the drug depends on the patient's body weight The dose of the drug depend on the weight of the patient.

It means, that two patients with the same disease may receive a different amount of the same drug! Our dosage calculator will help you calculate appropriate doses of this kind of drugs!

The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy. This sentence is still holds today. We know that every substance, especially drugs, may be toxic if given in an inappropriate dose. This is why we should perform our dosage calculations carefully and accurately.

This is especially critical when administering drugs to childrenas a slight mistake in the dose may cause a significant change in the effect of its action. The usage of a pediatric dose calculator seems to be a responsible choice that reduces the risk of a mistake!Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

This calculator should be used as a reference for oral benzodiazepine conversions. Equipotent benzodiazepine doses are reported as ranges due to paucity of literature supporting exact conversions, thus reported ranges are based on expert opinion and clinical experience published in psychiatric literature. This calculator does not account for age, organ function, and inter-patient variability that may alter the pharmacokinetics, peak effect, and duration of action.

Selecting doses on the lower end of the reported range may result in lower risk of unwanted oversedation. Dosing conversions may not be adequate when treating such conditions as status epilepticus or alcohol withdrawal. Disease-state specific guidelines should be utilized. Please fill out required fields. Abrupt discontinuation of benzodiazepines should be avoided as this can precipitate withdrawal symptoms, including severe agitation and seizure activity.

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Log in. Benzodiazepine Conversion Calculator Provides equivalents between different benzodiazepines. When to Use. Intermediate acting: hours LORazepam, temazepam.

Converting from:. DiazePAM Valium. LORazepam Ativan.

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