Arnav and khushi ff i want you

arnav and khushi ff i want you

Do you want to log in to or join Facebook? Join or. Arshi ff by Angel Rima. A huge party was arranged by Raizadas. A hall ful of people waiting of the couple of the evening but or Arshi were they ready for the party???? Khushi : Arnavji … leave me … see its already 7 and people will waiting of us … hmmm.

Khushi: ufff … enough arnavji. Anjali : at last you two arrived … I thought I will only have to cut the cake. Khushi : sorry di wo … Arnavji was romancing with his mobile and amanji. Anjali : hahah …. Anjali : Waise chote what have you gifted khushi ji …. Arnav takes the box from his coat and open it …. There was a very beautiful set of diamond bangles ….

Khushi smile and give her hand to arnav … Arnav slip bangles and kissed her hand making her blush and arnav smirk …. Khushi : arnav looks at khushi lovingly to see what she bought for him wo di … I actually we will say that to you tomorrow na plzzz.

arnav and khushi ff i want you

Anjali: now you two enjoy I will see other guest …. I want to see it … why to wait for tomorrow chalo lets go to our room … any ways I am just waiting for the time to get you alone today. After some time party over and all went to room. Khushi and arnav changed to their night wear ….

arnav and khushi ff i want you

Arnav : Khushi mow plz tell whats your surprise im dying to see it … Is it again a seducing dance from my wife like our bachelor party or something more winking.

Khushi : Arnavji making a crying face why you always tease me say about the dance …. Arnav : bcoz I want to always remember that only I got to see my khushis special performance for her husband and that was the night you became mine completely …. Arnav : ok enough of this blushing now. I have lots of work to be done today with my wife … and you are making me late for it … tell me surprise. Khushi comes close to arnav and takes his hand and keeps it on her stomach. Khushi : arrghhh laadgovernor … cant you understand what im indicating … stupid ladgovernor.

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DM only knows how you handle AR.Story starts from the episode of 15th June where Khushi says she will go visit the lawyer with Shyam. Shyam handed a pen and the property papers to Khushi. Khushi looked at him and slowly took the pen from his hand. She then signed the papers and handed over the paper and pen to Mr. Mr Roy shook his head.

Khushi smiled and walked to the door, ignoring Shyam. As she got into the car, Shyam opened the door from the other side and got in. Shyam got in and the driver started the car. Maybe you do not love Saale Saab. Maybe you are after the property after all. As they walked into Shantivan, Anjali looked up, smiling.

It is time to go to the temple now. Shall we? Nani and Mami followed. Khushi looked at them as they walked away. Khushi felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around to see NK. NK looked at her, suspiciously. Did you get any leads? Di will be waiting for us outside. She turned around and walked to the door, leaving a confused NK behind. Khushi walked up to the steps of the temple. She stopped at the entrance and looked at the statue of Devi Maiyya.

What else could I have done? The kidnapper might have told Shyamji that I found Arnavji. So he knows that I am trying to find Arnavji. Sometimes to defeat someone, you have to take their side.

I had to make Shyamji believe that I am trying to harm Arnavji as well. Only then maybe he will bring Arnavji back to me or maybe take me to him. But how do I convince Shyamji that I am trying to take revenge on Arnavji? Would that be safe? What if he will hurt Arnavji?

She prayed and then turned to see Shyam standing next to her. Shyam looked curious and then followed Khushi down the stairs. Shyam followed Khushi to a tree a few feet from the temple. Arnavji had called me earlier today.

I think he might be kept in a place near a temple. There was a sound of train as well behind him. Do you know of any location near a temple and a railway station? Is he alright?The next morning Khushi woke me up and handed me a mail from Annie. It looked like an invitation for a party or something.

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However, before I read the mail I decided to go and wash up and change my clothes. After that I ate my breakfast and called my friends to ask them to come over. While I was waiting for my members I went outside the house and I saw Khushi my personal maid busy watering the plants. I came close to her and start teasing her again. I sat her down on the bench and lay my head on her lap.

Prakash said as soon as entering. I started the car engine and drove to the nearest shopping mall. Not minding what Khushi might think about it. I also changed my clothes into formal attire and after that I sat in the lounge area waiting for her. Classical music was playing in the background, giving an elegant effect. I remember how shocked I was when I saw her wearing a feminine dress last time. I was caught off guard.

After a few minutes I looked up and saw her coming towards me. She stood in front of me looking delectable. I sat down in the couch and w ait for her again. When they finished fix her hair and put makeup on her she stood in front of me again and I was taken aback once again.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Posted in: My Maid. What are you doing? I grabbed her hand again and I seated her back at the bench. Your voice really annoys me!Arnav and Khushi went to Lucknow for A.

R upcoming show. Will you join me or go to Sheesh Mahal directly with driver? For his ego, he could not tell her to come with him. So, in his heart he prayed that her answer would be yes. R before their marriage; she kissed and hugged Arnav in front of Khushi. If Sheetal again would try to kiss him, she had to protect him from Sheetal. So, she immediately agreed to go with him.

They both went to the car. Arnav sat on the driver sit and Khushi on the passenger sit. Arnav start the car for the hotel where the meeting held. They entered into the hotel.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon -- Whatsapp Status -- Arnav -- Khushi -- Mujhko Barsaat Bana Lo

Sheetal was waiting for Arnav. She dressed up to seduce him. She saw Arnav to enter the hotel. But when she noticed Khushi coming with him, she was very much angry. Why do you come here with your employee? She is not my employee. She is my wife. But Sheetal shocked and was very jealous and angry towards Khushi.

But I am sure that you will not take her with you to Paris. He will leave me. Her thoughts were broken by a slapping sound. Khushi was shocked to see Arav slapping Sheetal. What you say? I will not take Khushi with me to Paris. They went to the restaurant area. You are Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada. Let order our breakfast. Arnav called waiter and order butter nun, butter paneer masla, jalebi for their breakfast. They both had their breakfast and went out from the resturent.Awesome Di hehehehe loved the description of Arnav's 10 wives Beautiful reasons given by Arnav for every single thing They both are the sweetest couple I have ever seen.

I knw you would bash me if i say thank u.


Loved it a lot, it was very funny from khushi's side, and very romantic from arnav's side, it was great, as always. Khushi and her antics. She tried all the possible ways, but he was hell bent digging himself in work.

He moved towards the table and took it. He opened it and started reading. What is this now?. He moved towards the same building only to see his wife trying to climb the wall of the terrrace. Khushi looked at him with teary eyes and shouted back. Wait there. Khushi nodded at him without knowing what she was doing. He climbed up the terrace.

You are lying. Khushi you are my wife. Arnav looked at her, not understanding what she was speaking. You give very less time. Whenever you try to Kiss me, they come and take you with them. I hate them. Arnav was like pulling his hair and jump from the terrace…. Who are my wives?.Early in the morning, Khushi reached in office with her Dad. Arnav also reached in the same time, he smiled brightly after staring at the beautiful woman in front of him.

Does he love me??? How can he fall in love with me? He is like this only Papa. He keeps flirting with anyone and you are thinking that he loves me. Uffo Papa. What will I hide from you? You know everything. Yes, I like him. Shashi replied smilingly and went from there leaving both alone.

Arnav smiled. Both went inside, and start their work normally. Can I talk with Arnav? The guard nodded and went to call Arnav. Arnav who was with Khushi in her cabin, frowned hearing this unknown man wanting to talk with him. What the. When did that happen?? Khushi giggled: Maybe he is a fan of your songs. That maybe. He went with the guard, but stopped on the way asking the guard to go ahead.

If beauty was a crime, you would have a life sentence. Khushi smiled and looked at her laptop shaking her head in disbelief. What can I help you? The old man pushed him to a corner. Are you kidnapping me or what??

Listen to me, I need to say something serious to you. Arnav looked at him suspiciously, but agreed. Both went to a coffee shop to talk.I feel for Arnav, But I feel so happy for Khushi. What did Arnav think, he can push away Khushi and claim her whenever he wants? No matter who is with her or not, Khushi's Devi maya is with her, She ensured Khushi's happiness. Gupta family is selfish why not, It was not Khushi's mistake. I love this story Smitha. Read all the parts in a go As always a beautiful story Liked the way the families dealt Arnav's actions The Raizadas did not miss a chance to remind him what he did The Guptas though did not curse him but the way they still respected him is enough blow for him In this update, the Guptas revealed about Khushi's condition but I felt that they did not reveal completely.

In one of the earlier updates, there was some disturbed response from Garima and Buaji when Khushi commented about having chicken in her stomach. It leads me to suspect more loss for Khushi I don't know what to feel for Arnav Like living without his love and now with the knowledge that she does not even remember him.

The regret can not be put into words Glad that you did not include Shyam's and Subhadra's characters. It's a beautiful update I don't feel any thing from Arnav apart from disgust One thoughtless action from the Rakshas crushes her faith, ruins her life, brings immense pain to both their families and destroys any chance of having a blissful marriage with his Khushi - his wife.

So much for being able to write his own kismat!! Then fate plays its trump card. She forgets him and the two years of torment. She is now happy and contented in a world without him in it, while he is left to mourn the consequences of his callousness.

So, Khushi's words to him at the mandir came true after all. The day you realise that you aren't and never were in control of your kismat, I won't be with you.

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